CBSE’s Grace Marks Policy: Best Tips for Students to Get Grace Marks in CBSE Board Exams

Every year lakhs of students get failed in CBSE. All these students are placed under the compartment or failure category. Most of the time CBSE push a few students to provide grace marks and help them to pass the exam. I will share a few tips and ideas to perform well in the exam and get grace marks in case you are about to fail.

Here are a few of examples from the previous CBSE Board exam when CBSE provided grace marks to students. 

Class 10th Marksheet

Class 12th Marksheet

CBSE Class 10 marksheet
Class 12 marksheet

You can see in the shared mark sheet that CBSE always provides passing marks to those students who are failing the exam but has put in the effort during the exam.

Sometimes we have seen that many students do not put the required effort into the exam and are placed in compartments as well as in failure categories.

You can see in the class 10th mark sheet that the student has received passing marks in both science and maths exams. 

Same way in the class 12th mark sheet you can see that in physics and chemistry, students have been provided with exactly 23 marks which are passing in Theory for class 12 exams.


Tips To get Grace Marks in CBSE Board Exam.

You have to take care of few of the points to get grace marks in board exams. Grace marks are provide in 2 senario and you must have to fall in anyone.

  • Make sure to attempt all questions in the exam: CBSE Provides grace marks to those students who put their effort during the exam and have performed well. Your effort can be seen in the paper.
  • Attempt the Easy Questions First: The first impression is the last impression, so you have to perform in such a way that anyone can give you marks. You can start in any sequence to answer the question but make sure to provide the right answer first.
  • Answer questions in Neat and Clean: You have to make your notebook fair to see and easy to understand. If you are attempting the questions with relevant answers then make sure to do it in a clear format.
  • Underline the Absolute words: It is found that teachers like to give marks to those students who underline the exact answer in the details answer type questions. They do not have that much time to read the answer line by line. So, to understand the need of teachers you should highlight the relevant keywords in the exam answer notebook.
  • Be Confident: Sometimes it happens that questions are not understandable. At this point, you have to take a deep breath and restart reading the same questions or come back after attempting other questions. It helps in refocusing. 

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  1. I have 6 subject improvement exam if I get Les marks in chemistry will I get grace marks if good in rest 5 subject because I want to pass in PCB subject

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