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Safalta 2.0 Batch (Compartment Target 2024 July)

Enroll with us for the CBSE Compartment exam form and guidance. We will provide you with all the details from Form Filling to Admit card. We will also guide you throughout the year with best study materials.

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Only at Rs.1999 499

Compartment Enrollment (Safalta 2.0)

Focus 2.0 Batch for Improvement or Failure Exam 2025

We will guide you throughout the year to successfully improve your marks in the 2025 CBSE Board Exam. Study materials will be also provided to prepare for exams.

We will also provide you support to enroll as a CBSE Private Candidate for Improvement and Failure exams as well as we will also keep you updated on admit card and other details.

100% Success

Only at Rs.4999 999

Focus Batch (Improvement + Failure)

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Ultimate 2.0 Support for CBSE Private 2025

Are you a CBSE Private student aiming for success in the 2025 exams? We’re here to make the process smooth and hassle-free for you.

What We Offer:

  1. Form Filling Assistance: Don’t worry about the Form Filling! We’ll guide you step by step through all the processes even if you are in any of the category compartments, improvement, and essential repeat.
  2. Admit Card Details: We’ll keep you updated on when and how to access your admit card – no more last-minute confusion.
  3. Exam Guidance: Get the inside scoop on how to prepare effectively for your exams. Tips, tricks, and strategies to help you excel.
  4. Online Community: Join our exclusive online support group – connect with fellow students, ask questions, and share your experiences.

Ultimate 2.0 for CBSE Private 2025

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Are you preparing for compartment, improvement, or essential repeat exams? We’re here to support you every step of the way. Join our FREE WhatsApp community for the latest updates, study tips, and a supportive network of students just like 

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  • Get instant updates on exam dates and important notifications.
  • Connect with peers facing similar challenges and share study strategies.
  • Access valuable resources.
  • Receive motivational messages and tips for success. 
  • Stay informed and motivated on your journey to academic excellence.

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